Shiba Inus... a big dog in a little body. The Shiba Inu is a spunky and adorable companion weighing in at under 30 pounds.
LittleWolf Shibas
Formerly in San Diego, now in Tucson, AZ.

June 2016
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Tucson Sunsets for your pleasure (picture heavy, may be slow to load).

No puppies available at this time
Casey found his forever home,
Adult male Shiba available for adoption
and went to live in Oceanside, CA ! 

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An Akita and a Shiba. They are both Japanese Spitz, the largest and the smallest.

Kita and Dart, compliments of their owner...just so you know Shibas can make friends with others. Akitas are the largest of the Japanese Spitz and Shiba are the smallest.
New doghouse...
Rain proof, termite proof, wind proof, warm, no draughts, cheap, ventilated in summer, nice color.
Great, cheap dog house
Pallet $2.00, Barrel $10.00, dogs like it, PRICELESS!
We put some decking tiles on the pallet so their paws won't get caught.
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Check out the gorgeous sunset pictures.
No Shibas
 available at this time.
How time flies...
June, 2016:

Kasey has moved to Oceanside California, with his new family. Have a great time at the beach, my sweet boy.
Odin, one of Bridgette's last pups and Tokyo's brother, has come back home to Tucson.  He is integrating well and has become a fine companion to his sister, playing on the porch, participating in group howls and checking on the new kittens. The older cats like to rub up against him. :)
Megan has found a forever home in Phoenix.
Sonia left us in her sleep in November three years ago. She was nearly 17 years old. We will miss her so very much. Her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren are still with us and enjoying the Arizona life.
Tokyo is retired from being a puppy mommy but has now adopted all the barn cats! With her and the cats patroling the porch, our rodent population has plummeted! We also don't have beetles, snakes, lizards and most anything that flits, flies, crawls hops or slithers.
Sofia is still the yard guard, chasing off unauthorized pigeons and keeping us safe from rabbits and quail.
Woo is still the house misstress but has gotten a lot slower the last two years. She doesn't bother to keep up with her two daughters anymore, since she loves to sleep the day away now. She is still very much respected by everyone including our huge, 90# moose-dog rescue and still loves to start a howl in the evening!
We have a new (old) family member for a while. Gina joined her new family 14 years ago when we were living in San Diego and has come back to stay while her family is abroad. She mostly likes to sleep but enjoys an evening constitutional on the patio, when the day cools down. Everyone else is quite respectful.
Jesse and Ginger still take up a large portion of our bed.

Harley, Shiba Inu male, father of new Shiba puppies

Harley, our sire.
Bridgette and her 2007 puppies
Mother Shiba Bridgette with Shiba pups
Bridgette has found her forever home in Tucson.
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You've got a friend...
Shiba puppy with big cat friend

Puppy from Nov. 2010, snoozing with friend.
Ginger Woo

Rare long-hair Shiba
Shiba Inu puppies
Ginger Woo on Sept. 25th. 2010
She grew up fluffy!

rare long-hair Shiba Inu

Phil with Woo puppies
Taz & Tiko & Phil
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Who said Shibas hate water???
Shiba Inu splashing in Atlantic surf.
Lazy Days
Mom Bridgette and pups taking an afternoon nap

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